My Talks and Presentations on EDI in STEM

I am regularly asked to speak about EDI in STEM to diverse groups including, but not limited to high school students, undergraduates, graduates, universities and hospitals, business groups, networking organizations and many other types of gatherings.  Here are some of the talks, presentations, panels and events that I have contributed to over the last few years.


Feb: University of Calgary – “Emerging Trends in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Workplace: Innovation, Diversity, Prosperity

Jan: WISE2017 National Conference:  Research Panel

Jan: Beyond the B.Sc. Conference (Ryerson University, Science): Welcome Speech


Nov: Diversity Day, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto (Faculty of Medicine)

Nov: Biolmeans McGill University (organized by graduate students in science)

Nov: “Human Gene Editing: At the Cutting Edge,” Bioethics Symposium, Dalhousie University – Royal Society of Canada (Atlantic Division)

Nov: “Investing in Women in STEM; the Ripple Effect” Crowe Soberman Women for Women Annual Breakfast Panel 2016

Nov: “Gender-based research, innovation and development for sustainable economies and society wellbeing” Gender Summit Europe 9, Brussels, “Framework for international collaboration to improve institutions and accelerate change” Panel presentation with Professor Hilary Lapin-Scott (UK) and Dr. Melanie Thomson (Australia).